List was updated July 11th, some varieties are clearing out fast.

Summer Clearance

20% off on remaining Trees, Shrubs and Perennials until they are gone.

JERSEY GIANT ASPARAGUS $13.99 (10) (buy one get one free!)


  • (1) TUNDRA- Elongated berries are large, firm and great tasting (sweet tangy)  firmest of all the Haskap fruit, making it great for commercial production

(2) INDIGO GEM-  It is a fast growing, high yielding berry that is well suited for commercial production. Pale Yellow flowers in spring are followed by great tasting blueberry-like fruit that ripens mid-June

Pollinator: Czech 17 (P-17) ($12.99)Also known as Berry Blue, will pollinate with all Haskap varieties. Berries are smaller in size and uniformly elongated. Plant matures around 5-6 ft. with its stems and leaves growing vertical in nature. Extended flowering period beginning mid-April and lasting to mid-June.

Buy Tundra or Indigo and get a pollinator for $9.99

BLACK CURRANT $19.99 (2)


1 left GRAPE SOMERSET $16.99

GRAPE Brianna’ $16.99 (4)

GRAPE Adalmiina’ $16.99 (3)

1 left JOGI BERRY “BIG LIFE” $24.99