2020 Fruit Trees Arriving Early May

All fruit trees $34.99ea


Apple trees

Mcintosh -most important commercial variety grown, fruit is medium-sized, roundish to slightly flattened with smooth, thin, whitish-yellow skin mostly covered with a deep red blush. the firm, crisp, white flesh is juicy, very aromatic and sometimes stained with red streaks. ripens september to december and keeps good.

Cortland – reliable and popular apple, excellent for either fresh eating or cooking. keeps very well. late season. (ripens early oct)

Honeycrisp – a new hardy variety, highly flavored crisp apple of high quality. (ripens early oct

Gala – delicious for fresh eating, as it is juicy and mildly sweet

Lodi – hybred of yellow transparent, light green in color an early season, summer apple, and also a good cooking apple[

Gravenstein -red striped, tart-sweet flavor a favorite for baking (ripens mid sept)


Peach Variety

Red Haven – self fertile, ripens early in the season and is freestone, the flesh is yellow with a little red near the pit. it is juicy, sweet, and very tasty, one of the more hardy varieties, very productive, can be used for all purposes


Plum Varieties

Stanley – self fertile very large, purple fruit that is juicy and sweet.(ripens late sept) (european)

Reine Claude – sweet, juicy & round. maturity mid-september. yellow to greenish fruit


Pear Varieties

Anjou – creamy white blossoms, greenish yellow fruit

Red Clapp – smooth, greenish yellow, flesh is fine, juicy . ideal for fresh eating. very heardy (ripens late aug)

Bartlett – white flesh. harvest in september. eat fresh and keeps well. light green fruit turning golden yellow


Cherry Varieties

Stella – self fertile produces the heart-shaped cherries, firm, meaty fruit has distinctively rich flavor and deep crimson color. bing bears record crops, ripens in june and july

Montmorency – most popular sour cherry in north america and it is the classic pie cherry tree. outstanding for cooking and pie-making. cherry tree is self fertile and produces medium sized, dark red, cherries with good flavor and quality. flesh is clear and yellow in color.(tart) (ripens late july)


Blueberry Varieties

$18.99 7g Patriot $39.99 (limited offer)

Northland – Small, dark blue fruit with a wild berry flavour in mid-season. It has limber branches which do not break under heavy snow loads. Foliage is beautiful throughout the growing season. Self-fertile.

Patriot – early season, cold hardy variety bears consistent crops of large sized fruit. production is high, between 10 and 20 pounds at maturity. berries are dark blue and highly flavored. low growing, spreading bush to about 4 feet, adaptable to many soil types and will perform better in wetter soils than many other varieties. showy white blooms in the spring, dark green summer foliage, and fiery orange fall colors.

Pink Lemonade – a pink blueberry! a sweet tasting & attractive ornamental with white-pink flowers in spring and crisp red-orange foliage in autumn. self-pollinating, and berries ripen mid- to late season

Bluecrop – mid-the leading commercial variety grown, bluecrop produces high yields of large, firm, bright blue berries. berry flavour is superb when used in desserts, frozen and even fresh. frost and winter hardy, growing to a height of 4-6 feet

Northland – small, dark blue fruit with a wild berry flavour in mid-season. it has limber branches which do not break under heavy snow loads. foliage is beautiful throughout the growing season. self-fertile.

Sweetheart delivers two crops of blueberries a year. Self-fertile, produces a heavy crop of plump exceptionally sweet berries in early june and a second lighter one in august. nice fall colors for the landsacpe.


Canada Red Rhubarb $9.99 – smaller red stalks throughout, long thick petioles, introduced in canada and very popular, stems are shorter and more slender than many seedling types but very tender, high quality and good red color, produces few seed stalks.


Millenium Asparagus $14.99


Boyne Raspberry $15.99 (10) – this extremely winter hardy variety is very productive with sweet, dark red fruit. good flavour. strong canes. good for freezing. early/mid season


Strawberry varieties

Jewel $15.99 (25) – bright red and glossy. the berries from this compact grower have an excellent flavor and is great for fresh eating or freezing. disease-resistant to leaf spot and scorch. cold hardy. ripens in june. self-pollinating.

Albion $19.99 (25) – Everbearing strawberry, fruit is very large, very firm, good sweet flavour, popular for commercial production..


Haskap varietys $19.99ea

Honeybee – a very tall h producing large elongated fruit. a fairly tart taste with good flavor and depth useful in prepared fruit dishes, jams, wine, and perhaps dried. harvest mid-june. a great, mildew resistant pollinator of other early honeyberries

Aurora – recognized as one of the fastest growing haskaps, the fruits are larger and sweeter tasting than previously released varieties in mid to the end of june. excellent disease resistance.


Montreal Blue grape $19.99
this hardy, mostly seedless, purple slip-skin grape with excellent flavour is an early season table grape variety.

Somerset grape $19.99
seedless, delicious orange pink fruits. very sweet, they taste like strawberry with a little spice. excellent for eating and for juice. very hardy and disease resistant. harvest early september.


Currant “Cherry Bell” $19.99
small bush with abundant translucent red berries. great for fresh eating, they also make attractive and tasty jams and jellies. good pest and disease resistance.

Currant “White Pearl” $19.99
large, flavourful, greenish white fruits in medium size cluster late in the season. very productive and hardy.