Wild Bird Seed & Supplies


We manufacture our own premium mixes on site, including: Wild bird seed, Wild Finch, Blue jay etc.

We carry many types of Wild bird seeds including: Black oil sunflower, Grey striped sunflower, Millet, Corn, Nyjer, Raw Peanuts, Sunflower hearts, Safflower, Meal worms, Suet, Wild life feeds & Attractants etc

Local Wild Bird ID Charts just $4.99

We carry a wide selection bird feeders & houses 

You can also purchase our wild bird seed from the following retailers.

Payzant Home Hardware Building Centre
Porters Lake,
Chezzetcook, NS

Withrow’s Farm Market
Elmsdale, NS

Withrows Farm Centre
Mount Uniacke, NS B0N 1Z0

Golden Valley Market
96 Elm Dr
Middle Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia
(902) 384-3077